Sparkle or No Sparkle? That is the question

We have a huge range of costumes, some with sparkly sequins and some without. Some schools prefer costumes which are simple and casual enough to be worn again after a performance. Some schools love the glam, the bling and the shine! Children on the other hand love all things pretty!

If your school (because of parents) believe that children should purchase a costume that they are able to wear again after the concert and to avoid costumes that have too much sparkle, you would be pleased to know that we have a range of gorgeous casual party dresses and tuxedos, shirts and pants which are sassy, chic and brings out the charisma in the children! You can accessorise the look with some of our ribbons, hair bands, hair clips, or glitter hair sprays!

On the other hand, if you school believes that children should purchase a costume that shine, then there is no better way to stand out from a crowd than having some sequins on your attire. Have a look at our beautiful in house designs of matching girls and boys performance costumes. They are guaranteed to turn heads and provide excellent photo opportunities. Additionally, you can try more ways to spice the outfits by using our sequin sashes or bow ties! Or try a sequin cap, hat or even sequin gloves to let the children feel like a star on that special day!

Whichever costume you choose, always remember that the moment the children spend on stage might be only 3 minutes long, but the photos and experience that they children take with them? It lasts a lifetime.

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