Our costumes: What Goes into the Design Process?

Costumes play an essential and integral part of any performance. It complements the music and movements and makes the performance more exciting and interesting. Try to imagine a Lion King performance without any animal costumes. We know how important costumes are to your performance. And so, our costumes take our designers countless hours to design, perfect and produce. To get an […]

Dress as Superheros or Princesses to Improve Grades!

Superhero Costumes Come to Parents’ Rescue, a Feb. 8 Wall Street Journal article, featured a recent study by Assistant Professor of Psychology Rachel White. White found that pretending to be a strong-willed character helped children be more persistent in performing tasks. The characters from which the children in her study chose were Batman, Bob the […]

Sparkle or No Sparkle? That is the question

We have a huge range of costumes, some with sparkly sequins and some without. Some schools prefer costumes which are simple and casual enough to be worn again after a performance. Some schools love the glam, the bling and the shine! Children on the other hand love all things pretty! If your school (because of parents) believe that children […]

Our Humble Beginnings.

Children’s Costume Specialist was established in 2012, with the focus of providing costumes and accessories to preschools for their end-of-year concerts. Of course, after studying the market in Singapore, we realise that there are few costume shops that cater specifically to children, and even much lesser exist in the virtual shopping space. So we decided to combine […]