Children’s Costume Specialist was founded in Singapore by a husband and wife team who loves and enjoys being around children. They have had experience in the preschool sector and because of that, they fully understand the frustration and stress that teachers experience during the lead up to their annual end-of-year concerts. There are just so many things to worry about. There’s song selection, choreography, dance practice, hair, make up, stage design, budget and most importantly, the costumes!

Year after year, after finalising their theme and song selection, they were left with the challenging task of sourcing for performance costumes. They tried buying from small local stores, working with tailors and even ordering from overseas companies. However, none of them were reliable, and none of them provided beautiful matching costumes at affordable prices.

Countless other teachers shared with them how they too have: dealt with companies that made empty promises, received complaints from parents about the low quality of costumes and losing their time and money from dishonest sellers.

One year, after being played out by a local tailor (just a week before the performance), the couple finally decided to do something about it. They travelled around the region to source for costumes and ideas. They attended trade shows, took classes and learnt about design and clothing manufacturing.

Our first shop!

In 2012, the duo founded Children’s Costume Specialist. Our first tiny brick and mortar shop was located inside the old Upper Serangoon Shopping Center. All of our costumes and stock were displayed and stored in the little 300sqft space. Even though we had a limited selection of costumes, we are extremely thankful to have had the trust and support of so many schools and teachers in our first year.

In 2013, the number of schools we served grew and we rented a small space to store our growing inventory.

In 2014, we merged with Chelsea Creation – a major children’s costume company. With the merger, we were able to increase our product range and also improve our manufacturing ability.

In 2015, we moved to a much larger space, also our current place, AZ@Paya Lebar. It is about four times as large as our old space and located next to Macpherson MRT station. This provided more convenience and comfort for our customers.

Since the beginning, our customers have provided us with a lot of requests, feedback and suggestions. We took all of them to heart and over the years, we have consistently implemented them. This has helped us immensely improve our processes, costume design, costume quality, product range and customer satisfaction.


Fast forward to 2017, we are proud to say that we are Singapore’s Largest Children’s Costume store! With over a thousand unique items, we have the largest selection of children’s costumes and accessories island wide.

We serve hundreds of schools, organizations and retail customers annually.

In addition to our physical store, we also have a large storage facility to house our ever-growing inventory.

We have an in-house team of designers to create unique, gorgeous, up-to-date and stunning costumes.

Our costumes are produced across multiple manufacturing facilities across Asia. Namely Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. And we always ensure that our products are made of high quality materials using excellent workmanship. On top of that, all of our costumes are extremely value for money.

2017 marks another significant milestone in our story. We understand that with all the work and life commitments that you have, it can be inconvenient to travel to our store. Hence, with effect from June 2017, most of our popular costumes will be made available for purchase online! Yes, shop for your concert costumes in the comfort of your school or home today!

Should you choose to view the complete range of costumes and accessories we have, please visit us in our physical shop located in AZ@Paya Lebar. Our friendly team members will be there to provide you with professional and reliable service to make your costume purchase experience a very pleasant one.

THANK YOU for making us the largest children’s costume store in Singapore. We could not have done it without you. We owe a huge thanks to all our customers and supporters over the years. It means a lot to us when teachers, parents and kids feedback that they love our costumes. It drives us to continually improve ourselves in order to serve you better.

We look forward to serve you online or in store soon! 

Meet the main Children’s Costume Specialist team

Derek K
Designer / Purchaser

Derek is in charge of costume design, purchasing and making sure the cash register has small change. Derek is a jack of all trades, master of none. He is powered by Macdonalds and potato chips.

Kathy Ong
Chief Fulfilment Officer

Kathy leads the daily operations and is in charge of fulfilling our orders. Some have said that Kathy is physically as strong as a man. Kathy spends most of her spare time in buffet lines.
Eating.  A lot.

Edwin Tan
E-commerce Executive

Edwin is in charge of everything e-commerce and social media marketing. He is passionate about photography and often wakes up before dawn to capture the sunrise. He has trouble waking up to catch the bus to work though.   

Model intern

Amber is our youngest team member. She is currently under training to be the company’s official model for photoshoots. Amber’s passions include milk and smiling.

Our other team members who work tirelessly behind the scenes